My name is Thomas Marincowitz, and I am freelance Designer and Photographer living in Cape Town. This is not my job, I love what i do and its my passion. Being creative and exploring new things, whether its with a camera or behind my computer, this is what makes me tick…

I've been in the industry for almost ten years and for the last three I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. My work ranges from the most basic design projects such as flyers, brochures and digital invitations, to more complex projects such as Annual Reports, Corporate ID design and working with different PR and Marketing companies to help them achieve the visual content that they are after for their clients.

On the photography side I love shooting fashion and action lifestyle, but I cover a wide range of subjects from creative projects with music artists all the way through to corporate portraits. 

I absolutely love what i do, so feel free to scroll down and enjoy some of my work.




Photography has been an interest of mine for ages, but I just seem to get more an more excited about it as time passes. I love the challenge of working with a team of creative people and then its up to me to capture and bring together all the elements into one final image. Below is a few examples of my best work, and it ranges from fashion, lifestyle, sports lifestyle and beauty portraits. 




Design has always been a part of me, and I have always been drawn to visual interestingness (not a real word but it rolls so nicely on the tongue). Most of my experience was gathered working for smaller design and advertising agencies, on a large variety of different projects. It ranged from retail design, layout, websites, annual reports and the occasional art directing on shoots for clients. Working in the agency arena really gave me a solid understanding of all the processes involved and taking responsibility for a project from start to finish and seeing it through to the end. 

Each and every design project that i have the privilege to work on, gets my full attention and nothing will leave my hands until I am 110% happy with what I put out there for my clients and the world to see. I am really open to anything creative, and I would love to be part of your next project and making it the best it can possibly be.



08.WW-PR Project_DxO.jpg



A few of my clients require photography of their events and they need very quick turnaround times as most of their events are high profile and exposure is key. I love shooting these as they really sharpen your ability to read a situation and decide quickly as to what the best way is to capture it. Almost in a way seeing things before they happen to make sure you are in the right spot at the right time. And of course then there's the food, need i say more…



Thank you for taking the time to look through some of my work. I really look forward to hearing from you, and working together on some great projects together.

Here are my direct contact details but feel free to send me a message via the below form.

C: 073 143 9216

Thanks again. T 

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